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Be careful, the Gardaí have been practising

Anyone considering attending tonight’s protest at the Dáil should be aware that the Public Order Unit (riot squad) will also be present. They are fresh from a “refresher course” in dealing with protest marches. They have been working hard over in Corrib, protecting the investment of Royal Dutch Shell, at great expense to the Irish [...]

Video footage of the violence at Dáil Éireann

Full-length coverage from TV3 of Monday’s protest march to Kildare Street and the fractious scenes thereafter: The end of the video shows the injuries sustained by protesters. This incident raises important questions about the right to protest and the level of resistance from the police of the State. Was this an attack on an institution [...]

Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Report

I picked up my copy of the Ryan report from the Government Publications Office on Molesworth Street, when I was over at my Welsh class the other day. I had to put my name down a list to get it because the initial run had already sold out, rare indeed for a government publication. The [...]