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Category Archives: The Recession

Life outside Dublin

The last excesses of the Celtic Tiger

The Smart Economy

The Parable of the Irish Bail-Out

This little story has been doing the rounds recently, its author anonymous. It reminds me a little of the wry allegorical tales of Flann O’Brien, but I’m sure purists will disagree. I think it has parable-like qualities, hence the title. Part of me hopes it was written by an exasperated junior civil servant… The Irish [...]

Recent events

Jaded Isle is too numb to comment substantially on the happenings of the last few weeks.

Video footage of the violence at Dáil Éireann

Full-length coverage from TV3 of Monday’s protest march to Kildare Street and the fractious scenes thereafter: The end of the video shows the injuries sustained by protesters. This incident raises important questions about the right to protest and the level of resistance from the police of the State. Was this an attack on an institution [...]

When in Dublin, do as the Greeks do

There were scuffles this evening outside Dáil Éireann as a protest march passed. They were protesting against the Government’s plans to inject millions of euro in the banks of the state. They were calling for the money to go to job creation and so on instead. Note the Éirígí flags. They have another protest planned [...]

Misspelt but not misplaced

The estimated cost of NAMA

€54,000,000,000 Fifty-four thousand million euro. It is estimated that the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) will pay €54 billion to the banks for property-related loans with a face value of about €77 billion. The Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan announced yesterday in the Dáil that the Irish State would receive a discount of an average [...]

Céad milliún fáilte

The tourist board cliché of “Céad míle fáilte”, from those ads with fiddles and pints and oysters, literally means “a hundred thousand welcomes”. Perhaps we need to update this to better represent the “current economic climate”. A recent letter to one of the national newspapers suggested that in all this talk of bank recapitalisation, loans [...]

We’re in for a filthy summer

Cuts could see litter rise – Irish Times Ciara O’Brien – Monday, June 15, 2009 Budget cuts in councils around Ireland could lead to a rise in litter levels in towns, Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) has warned. The organisation said it was concerned there would be a deterioration over the summer as councils reduce [...]