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Category Archives: Security forces

Your money going to help Shell and crack skulls

€14.5m spent on garda resources at Corrib site – RTÉ Thursday, Feb 9, 2012 From 2006 to the end of last year, over €9m had been paid out in garda overtime and allowances alone. Another €5m was paid out in travel, subsistence and other expenses. The few resources of the pathetic Irish state squandered on [...]

A new occupation

From a somewhat dubious source… Armed British police to patrol Dublin streets for Queen’s visit with fears of dissident attack – Daily Mail Larissa Nolan and John Lee – Sunday, May 15, 2011 The Government is allowing up to 120 armed British police officers to patrol the streets of Irish cities to protect Queen Elizabeth [...]

The politician, the policeman and the priest

The report of the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman about the inquiry into the Claudy bombing of 1972 was published today. 9 people, including 3 children, died in the Claudy bombing, for which there was no warning. Priest was protected in Claudy bombing inquiry, RTÉ News Police ombudsman confirms Claudy bombings collusion, Irish Times Claudy bomb: conspiracy [...]

Be careful, the Gardaí have been practising

Anyone considering attending tonight’s protest at the Dáil should be aware that the Public Order Unit (riot squad) will also be present. They are fresh from a “refresher course” in dealing with protest marches. They have been working hard over in Corrib, protecting the investment of Royal Dutch Shell, at great expense to the Irish [...]

The thin blue line

A warning to all would-be protesters, rioters and anarchists

€300,000 spent on Irish Army riot kit Much as I dislike linking to that renowned rag, the ‘Indo’, this is worth sharing, albeit late. The Army is gearing up to deal with possible public disorder on our streets. The Defence Forces are to get new anti-riot equipment at a cost of €300,000. The new kit [...]