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Understanding Ireland

A History of Ireland in 100 Excuses – Irish Times Frank McNally, Thursday, Feb 9, 2012 This is all you need to know about Ireland.

Caption competition: Enda and Ali

From the propaganda horn of the glorious Free State! Taoiseach meets Muhammed Ali – Merrion Street Irish Government – Friday 6, May 2011 What did Enda say to Ali that scared him so? Answers in the comments section.

The Smart Economy

The Parable of the Irish Bail-Out

This little story has been doing the rounds recently, its author anonymous. It reminds me a little of the wry allegorical tales of Flann O’Brien, but I’m sure purists will disagree. I think it has parable-like qualities, hence the title. Part of me hopes it was written by an exasperated junior civil servant… The Irish [...]

Project Maths: Coalition Calculation

The exit of Dr Jim McDaid may throw a spanner in the works for the Budget 2010 vote. The Government now relies on two Independent TDs to get the budget through. Once again, the fate of the nation is in the hands of an unpredicatable Kerryman and a man kicked out of Fine Gael for [...]

Éire 2016 AD – Background, MP3, lyrics

Update: The entirety of The Emergency Session has been uploaded to YouTube, by Arthur Riordan! After the great response to Hobart’s posting of the Éire 2016 AD video, I decided to do some more research into the background to this irreverent send-up of The Long Fellow and our society. The rapper is well-known playwright, [...]

Éire 2016 AD

There is little that can be said about how brilliant a song this is. From the fact that it’s quite a good hip-hop song on the whole and that it was made in 1992, down to the prescience shown in relation to Shell’s annexation of the Corrib gas fields (“we sold Connemara to ICI”) and [...]

Thank Heavens, We Are Living In Rathgar!

Jimmy O’Dea I came across the lyrics to this amusing old song while my mother was doing research into the history of the Presbyterian church in Rathgar. Further investigation reveals it to be a song by Jimmy O’Dea. I’m not quite sure when it dates from, but the references to dictators and isms lead me [...]

An Garda Síochána san Austráil

There are at least two home-made Garda vans driving around in Australia, one in Melbourne apparently, and another in Cairns. Perhaps there are more doing the rounds! The photos shown here are from the one in Melbourne. These are not imported originals, oh no. Someone has actually gone to the effort of creating a fake [...]

Football fall-out

A rather good piece of satire did the rounds in the lead-up to the Ireland-France match at the end of last week. It turned up  on an Irish soccer blog, but originated from a small Irish ad agency, Chemistry. It purported to be a leak of a series of letters between Irish and French diplomatic staff [...]

Last chance to see…

On the eve of what will probably mark the departure of Ceann ‘Clown’ Comhairle, John O’Donoghue, I present to you his finest hour, in case you had somehow forgotten it. Elaine Byrne of the Irish Times has this to say in her article: That O’Donoghue is regarded as a good Ceann Comhairle and a nice [...]

Makeup in motion

The other day when cycling home through Harold’s Cross, I saw a yellow sports car, a rather nice one. I was cycling behind it and was able to read the bumper sticker: “Caution: Driver applying makeup”. I’m so happy to be in Finland.

A very Irish reaction to Google Street View

Google Street View hasn’t come to the Republic of Ireland yet but, as part of the United Kingdom, the omniscient Google vans have recorded the streetscapes of the North. These boys were captured in their natural habitat, with a very typical reaction to anything new. The source of this image has many other interesting snapshots [...]

Good news! Spice-burger saved, for now

Spice burgers back on the menu due to popular demand – Irish Times Paul Cullen – Friday, July 3, 2009 After an extraordinary outpouring of support for Walsh Family Foods, the sole manufacturers of the product, it started making spice burgers again yesterday, just a fortnight after the Finglas-based firm closed with the loss of [...]

Brian Cowen bréagach Finally, something funny on Twitter! My friends will know that I am far from a fan of Twitter. Perhaps I am too long on the internet to understand the general attraction of it. It seems generally like a drip-feed of pseudo-celebrity gossips combined with the ability to dribble self-indulgent minutiae across the web. This [...]