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They don’t want to hear you, peon

Proposal to filter emails to TDs – Irish Examiner Juno McEnroe, Monday, Feb 13, 2012 Proposals to filter emails sent to TDs and prevent “waste” from clogging up mailboxes are being considered following a recent avalanche of complaints. Well, an anti-spam system seems perfectly reasonable in this day and age, perhaps even ICT at Leinster [...]

17 months without an elected representative

As of yesterday, there are 4 vacant seats in Dáil Éireann. Of course it’s very clear why the Government would not want to hold bye-elections to fill the vacancies. Fianna Fáil candidates would not be taking up the positions. One of the seats is still nice and warm, from a very recent departure… Donegal North [...]

The real Tunnel of Goats, in Government Buildings

A few months back, The Herald ran a story stating that a tunnel was being planned which would run between Leinster House and another government building. Since the then-current denizens of Agriculture House were being decentralised (yes, the passive is the correct form, and yes the madness is still going on), the building could be [...]