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Category Archives: National politics

Last chance to see…

On the eve of what will probably mark the departure of Ceann ‘Clown’ Comhairle, John O’Donoghue, I present to you his finest hour, in case you had somehow forgotten it. Elaine Byrne of the Irish Times has this to say in her article: That O’Donoghue is regarded as a good Ceann Comhairle and a nice [...]

The estimated cost of NAMA

€54,000,000,000 Fifty-four thousand million euro. It is estimated that the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) will pay €54 billion to the banks for property-related loans with a face value of about €77 billion. The Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan announced yesterday in the Dáil that the Irish State would receive a discount of an average [...]

And the award for the worst poster of Lisbon II goes to…

Yes, we do love our outmoded, xenophobic, sectarian, pro-life/anti-choice constitution. Fortunately, it will be largely unaffected by the Lisbon referendum, despite what Cóir would have you think. I wish we could fix the problems in the constitution (blasphemy anyone?) but it doesn’t seem particularly likely after this shambolic campaign.

Council of State to discuss controversial legislation

Tuairisc gairid, seolta ón gCeathrú Rua ina bhfuilim faoi láthair! Council of State to advise President on Bills – Irish Times Carol Coulter – Saturday, July18, 2009 President Mary McAleese has called a Council of State meeting for next Wednesday to advise her on the quesion of referring two Bills to the Supreme Court. They [...]

Digital Rights Ireland makes EU complaint about communications interception Those magnificent men at Digital Rights Ireland are bringing a complaint to the European Commission about the non-compliance of Irish laws regarding interception of communications with EU rules. It’s also very worth checking out the Data Retention bill which is still quietly working its way through the legislative process. Here’s how it looked a [...]

Brian Cowen bréagach Finally, something funny on Twitter! My friends will know that I am far from a fan of Twitter. Perhaps I am too long on the internet to understand the general attraction of it. It seems generally like a drip-feed of pseudo-celebrity gossips combined with the ability to dribble self-indulgent minutiae across the web. This [...]