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Category Archives: International relations

This book contains 32 pages.

“Iarann Aire Gnóthaí Eachtracha na hÉireann ar gach n-aon lena mbaineann ligean dá shealbhóir seo, saoránach d’Éirinn, gabháil ar aghaidh gan bhac gan chosc agus gach cúnamh agus caomhnú is gá a thabhairt don sealbhóir.” So begins every Irish passport, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ireland calling on all concerned to allow the bearer [...]

An Garda Síochána san Austráil

There are at least two home-made Garda vans driving around in Australia, one in Melbourne apparently, and another in Cairns. Perhaps there are more doing the rounds! The photos shown here are from the one in Melbourne. These are not imported originals, oh no. Someone has actually gone to the effort of creating a fake [...]

Football fall-out

A rather good piece of satire did the rounds in the lead-up to the Ireland-France match at the end of last week. It turned up  on an Irish soccer blog, but originated from a small Irish ad agency, Chemistry. It purported to be a leak of a series of letters between Irish and French diplomatic staff [...]