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Life outside Dublin

Thank Heavens, We Are Living In Rathgar!

Jimmy O’Dea I came across the lyrics to this amusing old song while my mother was doing research into the history of the Presbyterian church in Rathgar. Further investigation reveals it to be a song by Jimmy O’Dea. I’m not quite sure when it dates from, but the references to dictators and isms lead me [...]

College Green bus corridor lifted, ostensibly temporarily

College Green traffic restrictions lifted, 18/09/2009 As you probably know, the Council bowed to the demands of big retailers and that most reactionary section of Irish society, the owners of city-centre car-parks. Cars will once again flow through what was briefly a tiny bus corridor. Rather than expanding the bus corridor, to cover more streets, [...]

“Passive surveillance” of the new Dublin Bikes

One of my colleagues in An Gúm called us all into his office to show us these two young-fellas sitting on the new Dublin Bikes, and said: Anois a thuigim cad atá i gceist le ‘aireachas éighníomhach’… Now I understand what they meant by ‘passive surveillance’… This is up on North Frederick Street, which can [...]