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Thoughts on civil society in Ireland

This post is an experiment in “stream of consciousness” writing without correction or editing after the fact. Here be mixed metaphors! Snow brought us to with inches of collapse, another failure on top of all the others; no transport, alternate shortages of salt and water. No-one cared quite enough to really do anything, but the [...]

Thank Heavens, We Are Living In Rathgar!

Jimmy O’Dea I came across the lyrics to this amusing old song while my mother was doing research into the history of the Presbyterian church in Rathgar. Further investigation reveals it to be a song by Jimmy O’Dea. I’m not quite sure when it dates from, but the references to dictators and isms lead me [...]

How can I leave the town that brings me down…

Thin Lizzy – Dublin (1971) Watch in High Quality if you can, for the better sound. The “video” is non-original. This song sums up many of my feelings towards the city I grew up in. I hate it and love it in near equal measure. When I left Dublin to live in Grenoble for a [...]