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They don’t want to hear you, peon

Proposal to filter emails to TDs - Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe, Monday, Feb 13, 2012

Proposals to filter emails sent to TDs and prevent "waste" from clogging up mailboxes are being considered following a recent avalanche of complaints.

Well, an anti-spam system seems perfectly reasonable in this day and age, perhaps even ICT at Leinster House could stretch to such a thing...

Several TDs told the Irish Examiner they have received hundreds of complaints by email, sometimes in one day, with proposed online copyright laws, septic tanks, the Vatican and Anglo Irish Bank among issues which have clogged up systems.

Ah, but no, that's not the problem. It's input from their beloved parishioners that they don't want to hear. Far be it from an elected official in a democratic state to take on board comment and complaint!

I am sure some sort of over-engineered government-IT abortion can be constructed to isolate TDs from any form of feedback, for less than €100 million.

"Some TDs felt that if we did that it would interfere with people’s right to protest, to democracy. If we blocked some, there’s a fear we could be accused of censorship."

Ah yeah.

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