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Project Maths: Coalition Calculation

Chugging to buy a calculator

The exit of Dr Jim McDaid may throw a spanner in the works for the Budget 2010 vote. The Government now relies on two Independent TDs to get the budget through. Once again, the fate of the nation is in the hands of an unpredicatable Kerryman and a man kicked out of Fine Gael for being too corrupt!

McDaid's exit endangers budget vote - Irish Times
Steven Collins et al - Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mr Lowry said yesterday there was now a serious danger that the budget would not be passed. He told The Irish Times he would decide how he would vote on or near budget day.

“Obviously Jackie Healy Rae’s and my support is now more crucial than it has been in the past, but in my mind all of the time is that the country is on the brink of losing its economic independence,” he said.

So what's going to happen? Let's do some Project Maths! Even our Minister for Education and Skills could figure this one out!

Leaving Certificate - Mathematics, Matamaitic

Higher Level, Ardleibhéal

Answer all questions. Show your working-out. Programmable calculators forbidden.

Question 1

x = 81 number of Coalition TDs in the Dáil until this week
y = 1 number of Donegal doctors quitting the scene
z = 2 number of Independent Pikey TDs supporting the Government
q = probability calculated from the sum of the whim of Lowry on the day and the number of unnecessary motorways promised to Kerry
a = 79 combined total of Opposition TDs

If the magic formula is:
x - y + (z * q) > a

Then what chance in hell does the Government have of getting the Budget through?


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    Slow day John?

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    Took the day off work, Brian.
    Regretting I didn't head into town for the party, but sure wasn't the weather only shocking.

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