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17 months without an elected representative

As of yesterday, there are 4 vacant seats in Dáil Éireann. Of course it's very clear why the Government would not want to hold bye-elections to fill the vacancies. Fianna Fáil candidates would not be taking up the positions.

One of the seats is still nice and warm, from a very recent departure...

Donegal North East constituency

  • Formerly occupied by: Dr Jim McDaid
  • Reason(s) for departure: Calling for a general election, tired of jokes about drink-driving...
  • Vacant since: 2nd November 2010
  • Number of days vacant: 1 day

The other 3 seats in the chamber have gotten quite cold. In particular, one of them has the dust of 5 seasons upon it...

Waterford constituency

  • Formerly occupied by: Martin Cullen
  • Reason(s) for departure: Back-pain, e-voting, tired of destroying the planning process...
  • Vacant since: 8th March 2010
  • Number of months vacant: 8 months
  • Number of days vacant: 240 days

Dublin South constituency

  • Formerly occupied by: George Lee
  • Reason(s) for departure: Side-lined within Fine Gael, felt he had no traction
  • Vacant since: 8th February 2010
  • Number of months vacant: 9 months
  • Number of days vacant: 268 days

Donegal South West constituency

  • Formerly occupied by: Pat "The Cope" Gallagher
  • Reason(s) for departure: A long-term trip to Europe, MEP for the wild North-West
  • Vacant since: 8th June 2009
  • Number of months vacant: 17 months
  • Number of days vacant: 513 days

Is this representative democracy?

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