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The real Tunnel of Goats, in Government Buildings

A TD has become trapped in the Tunnel of Goats...

A TD has become lodged in the Tunnel of Goats...

A few months back, The Herald ran a story stating that a tunnel was being planned which would run between Leinster House and another government building.

Since the then-current denizens of Agriculture House were being decentralised (yes, the passive is the correct form, and yes the madness is still going on), the building could be taken over for overflow from Government Buildings.

At the time, the OPW were unclear as to why the tunnel was necessary, or how much it would cost. Apparently there was a public consultation process. No-one responded, probably because no-one knew about it.

Yesterday, The Tribune carried the news that the plan is going ahead. The tunnel will cost €1 million to build, according to the article. Apparently, inexplicably, it will save money because they won't have to rent offices any more.

At least now our precious TDs won't have to make the perilous 100 metre walk between buildings. God forbid they should encounter any member of the public on the closed road which lies between.

The amazing photo at the start of this article came from the even more amazing site about Goat Agility And Obstacle Courses.

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  1. Richie wrote:

    Obviously, they are afraid of Wicked Witch of the West-style melting if they encounter rain.

    Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 5:28 pm | Permalink

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