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Missives from Ferns: Patrick

Patrick was hitching home from Wexford hospital where he had received treatment  for a facial injury when he was picked up by Fr Fortune in his car. Fr Fortune  spoke to him about relationships and sexual preferences.  Towards the end of the  journey he asked Patrick about the scarring on his face.  Patrick said Fr Fortune  masturbated himself throughout the journey and then smeared his face with semen  telling Patrick that it would heal his face. Patrick said that he felt physically and  psychologically intimidated.  Patrick told the Inquiry that Fr Fortune later sought  him out at his work place. Patrick was raped and abused by Fr Fortune  approximately three times a week for two to three years.    Once, Patrick saw his cousin Brendan (4.5.21) being called away by Fortune.   Patrick tried to warn his own mother of the danger to Brendan.  She dismissed the  suggestion outright and physically attacked Patrick.   Patrick said that Fr Fortune  heard that he had tried to speak to his, Patrick’s, mother and that night he was  subjected to a particularly brutal rape. After that, Patrick said he did not dare to  speak to anyone about his abuse especially not the Bishop.  Patrick told the Inquiry that “half of the village was pro-Fortune and the other half  anti-Fortune”. Despite this division, he feels that Fr Fortune had total control of  the village. He believes that everyone was aware of allegations against Fr Fortune.  Patrick has said that words could never describe the devastating impact this has  had on his life for decades.

The Ferns ReportSection 4.5.13, p. 93, more info

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