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College Green bus corridor lifted, ostensibly temporarily

College Green in 1961

College Green in 1961

College Green traffic restrictions lifted, 18/09/2009

As you probably know, the Council bowed to the demands of big retailers and that most reactionary section of Irish society, the owners of city-centre car-parks. Cars will once again flow through what was briefly a tiny bus corridor.

Rather than expanding the bus corridor, to cover more streets, they have cancelled it for the afternoon, because of the fear of lost business for city-centre retailers. So we're back to encouraging everyone from the whole city to do all their shopping in an area of one square mile. How sustainable.

Small chance, I guess, of banning the taxis from the bus corridor. Given more space, with the private cars gone, they now drive even faster and more dangerously. Paradoxically, the cancelling of the bus corridor may actually make the road safer.

The council says the bus corridor will be brought back on 15th January, but I won't be  holding my breath.

I suppose we will all have to suffer throughout December in the name of the retailers, for the ironically-named Operation Freeflow. Pedestrian lights will be disabled, gardaí will waste thousands of hours directing traffic to make sure that all the blessed cars can get into the city centre and park in the all-important car-parks.

As the late, great J.G. Ballard said: "Believe me, the next revolution is going to be about parking".

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