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“Passive surveillance” of the new Dublin Bikes

"Passive surveillance in operation..."

"Now I understand what they meant by passive surveillance..."

One of my colleagues in An Gúm called us all into his office to show us these two young-fellas sitting on the new Dublin Bikes, and said:

Anois a thuigim cad atá i gceist le 'aireachas éighníomhach'...
Now I understand what they meant by 'passive surveillance'...

This is up on North Frederick Street, which can be a bit wild. Like the rest of the city, there are no benches anywhere on the streets...

As William Gibson said:

The street finds its own use for things.

Edit: Just a little update to say that the bike parking spots where the lads are sitting in the photo above are now missing, presumably destroyed. Red and white tape surrounds the empty holes where the stands were. A DublinBikes van was pulling up as I went past.

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