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Google Translate for Irish

At long last, Google have released their translation tool for Irish.
It's available, as with all the other languages, at

Incidentally, Welsh is also there, and is apparently better than the Irish one.

So far, it's not very good. However, anything is better than nothing. This is the first serious Irish machine translation program to be made publicly available, to my knowledge. If you know better, do let me know!

A few examples of the problems with it follow, with examples of better possible translations in italics.

I am a man → Mé fear Is fear mé
You're a doctor → Tá tú dochtúir     Is dochtúir thú
How many people are in the room? → Cé go bhfuil a lán daoine sa seomra?     Cé mhéad daoine atá sa seomra?

The second mistake is an example of the classic "Tá sé fear" mistake committed by thousands of school-children, due to lack of distinction between the verb 'to be' () and the copula (is).

Still, fair play to them for making it available, and there is an option to submit feedback, which I encourage everyone to do. Meanwhile, several other machine translation projects continue in the undergrowth...

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  1. Colin wrote:

    What a waste of resources.

    Monday, October 5, 2009 at 11:04 pm | Permalink

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