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Brian Cowen bréagach

Finally, something funny on Twitter!

My friends will know that I am far from a fan of Twitter. Perhaps I am too long on the internet to understand the general attraction of it. It seems generally like a drip-feed of pseudo-celebrity gossips combined with the ability to dribble self-indulgent minutiae across the web. This blog notwithstanding.

This Twitter posts purported messages from Brian Cowen, worrying about Lisbon and Enda Kenny and especially his purportedly dimwitted Tánaiste, Mary Coghlan. Here's an example:

Met Mary Cough in the corridor - forgotten her department again. Showed her the office. Jaysus she talks a load of shite.

I highly recommend clicking the "More" button at the bottom of the page a few times to get back to the earliest entries, and starting from the beginning.

I have briefly met Brian Cowen, he seems like quite a nice guy, ready to make jokes and chat. I also met Bertie Ahern, even more briefly, who was exceptionally rude to me. "Cowen-gate" aside, I think Brian would see the funny side of this light-hearted satire, ripping the piss out of him in true Irish fashion.

I particularly like the term "Owl-boy Gilmore"!

Edit: The fakebriancowen Twitter is completely gone... I wonder if the author deleted it or if the Fianna Fáil party machine lumbered into action? Either way.

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  1. Mark Allen wrote:

    Yeah, Brian Cowen is a real nice guy yeah, notwithstanding that time he acted like a massive prick over those paintings.

    Oh come on? Do you really think the fact that he wasn't a prick when talking to you on a personal level absolves him from all responsibility for his conduct regarding 'Cowengate'? Getting RTÉ to apologise, threatening the artist with prosecution?

    I'd rather have a leader who was an absolute prick in person but ran his country fairly, over a congenial censoring fascist.

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 6:12 pm | Permalink

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