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Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Report

I picked up my copy of the Ryan report from the Government Publications Office on Molesworth Street, when I was over at my Welsh class the other day. I had to put my name down a list to get it because the initial run had already sold out, rare indeed for a government publication.

The report is still sitting on my desk in the office here, 5 volumes of it in two carrier bags. It really is very heavy, in all senses of the word.

I haven't had much chance to look at it yet, except for a few minutes on the bus yesterday. A few bits caught my attention and I will quote them here. They come from Volume III, Confidential Committee, easily the most harrowing section since it deals directly with vicitims' testimony. The sections quoted in the national media are nothing compared to other material in the report and, no doubt, to what is not in the report.

I will not comment on them. There will be more.

Mother ...(foster mother)... got the poker, she stuck it in the fire and took it out, it was so hot, you could see through it and said to my ...foster father... "hold her", my... (foster)... father said "this is going too far, no way"... She said "hold her" and he held me back in the chair, she said to put my hand out, and she placed the poker in it.

I was hit for ... having red curly hair, for nothing ... you were not allowed to have curly hair, you had to have straight hair like Our Lady...

One witness said that following his mother's death a Brother whom he had beaten in a game on the playing pitch said: 'Well here's one game you're not going to win, your mother died 3 weeks ago'.

Her son... (foster mother's biological son) ...he did pornography, I now know what it is, I didn't then... and all the locals used to come for the stuff... it was animals and humans he did...

She... (another foster child)... I don't know if she supposedly told a lie, was standing there... and they were literally trying to pull her tongue out with a gadget... a pincers or something... I remember feeling so terrible, helpless for her, 'cos I'd probably be lined up next if I expressed what I felt for her.

And a quote from one of the abusers:

In all my years before I went into the Rosminians I had no attraction to the younger boys ... I had my girlfriends up to going to the Rosminian order ... the boys thing just started when I went into Ferryhouse.

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    Way to make me feel better about humanity, you cunt.

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